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Clark has not been teaching much lately, but has been VERY busy pitching his own Josh picprojects in LA. Yes, that’s Josh Duhamel 

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good b - postcard

We are pleased to announce that Good Behavior was named “BEST SHORT FILM” at the TVIFF awards gala celebration. Winner_Laurels

FINALLY after months of waiting, my short film, GOOD BEHAVIOR, starring Stephen Butchko and Deirdre V. Lyons,and directed by me, Clark Kohanek has been accepted into the Jerome Indie Film Festival …the festival runs

JUNE 12-15, 2014.

Jerome is known as “America’s Most Vertical City” (is literally a mile high) and is the “Largest Ghost new poster2Town”. It was once a thriving mining camp between the late-1880s and early 1950s, but is now a bustling tourist magnet and artistic community. A perfect place for an Indie Film Festival. “The Jerome Indie Film & Music Festival is probably the coolest looking film festival ever conjured up, courtesy of founder Toni Michele Ross. The concept is to showcase truly independent material, in a way that many indie film festivals no longer do.” -Hal C F Astell, Apocalypse Later So, get your pass to the festival here, tickets go on sale May 25th 2014 and come join us for some great music and AMAZING shorts. Oh, and give us a LIKE on Facebook if you have the time. About Good Behavior; check out our film site (here) with pictures, clips and more about the story and how we filmed it, and watch the trailer below. cropped-clark-plant-background-3.jpg Director’s Statement (Clark Kohanek) I’m drawn to stories about hope and self-worth. Often these tales are told by their opposites. Characters who appear awkward at times, even ugly, crude, if not hostile. Characters whose self-destructive ways and acidic exteriors hide a raw beauty, or an aspect of a forgotten nobility. I wrote GOOD BEHAVIOR to explore two such characters ONICA AND BUCK. Characters self-exiled by feelings of inadequacy and shame, both rendered human through attrition, need and loneliness. Confused by inner-perceptions and false memories, one attempts to unveil the other in an unconscious dance toward intimacy. When an authentic moment presents itself, violence follows. Buck, beaten and broken, reveals a moment of vulnerability leaving Onica to face her own truth. Each leaves the other with a gift of great awareness, and a hope for the future. Watch the Good Behavior Trailer 

GB card

Last year….


Clark, John and BBC

Clark, John and BBCAfter

BBC interview; Right to left; BBC interviewer, John McAfee, and myself I’m currently writing the screenplay for John McAfee’s unbelievable story.  Check out John’s blog at Who is John McAfee and Read a write up at Literary Liaisons

Clark and John McAfee

Clark and John McAfee

FOX LOT - old studio office from the 1930's

FOX LOT – old studio office from the 1930’s

FOX LOT - The new offices are in the Die Hard building behind Darth and Luke.

FOX LOT – The new offices are in the Die Hard building behind Darth and Luke.


Feature film UNDER DEVELOPMENT – written by Clark Kohanek and currently under consideration by two production companies. More to come….

Good Behavior

Small film currently finishing the filming, sound and edits. Due out in 2013Good Behavior Poster (2)Clark, Director in plush surroundings, at work –

clarkapple Actors at work; Dierdre V. Lyons & Stephen G. Butchko good b - postcard Entrance to the ‘alley set’ in downtown LA –  grafitti Clark with camera man Justin Alpine; Filming, editing, improvising….IMG_2347 medBlack helicopter2 (2)


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