About Clark Kohanek



Story Board Artist, Director, Screenwriter

Introduction Clark Kohanek is an award winning writer and director, and a freelance illustrator, and storyboard artist. In 2014 Winner_Laurelshis short film Good Behavior was named “BEST SHORT FILM” at the TVIFF awards.   Clark has worked with Oscar Award winning actor, writer and director – TIM ROBBINS– on his feature film “THE HERETIC” and Showtime’s “POSSIBLE SIDE EFFECTS.” In addition Clark has created conceptual art and storyboard work for “Another Night at the Museum” with BEN STILLER; Megan Whalen Turner’s Newbery Award winning “The Thief” for Disney/Bruckheimer, and a sci-fi spec for Bryan Singer. In 2005 Clark’s horror/comedy The Undertakers was a Nicholl Fellowship Quarter Finalist. Clark has just completed a trilogy of supernatural thrillers called THE BLOOD OFmerrit ANGELS that deals with a secret society of fallen angels who battle with circus magicians and gypsies for the fate of humanity. Most recently Clark worked as a consultant on the Armenian comedy “MY UNCLE RAPHAEL” due out in September 2012. He currently works and lives in Los Angeles, though travels teaching visual storytelling and screenwriting workshops at various writing conferences throughout the year.
Interests Movies – Good Story telling – ScreenwritingmedBlack helicopter2 (2)

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